Port Wines - Standard

Port Wine to enjoy at any time. Here you'll find the categories representing the majority of Port produced: Tawny, Ruby, White and Rosé.

Port Wines - Pink

Pink Port, the latest style of Port, is made in the same way as a traditional rosé wines with the free run juice from the first pressing of the grapes.

Port Wines - Reserve Ruby

Ruby is an ode to youth. They are the result of a blend of different years, after ageing for between 4 and 6 years in large vats or balseiros. The color is closer to red grapes at the time of harvest and, in the mouth, the wine is more citrusy, fruity and youthful.

Port Wines - Aged Tawny

Tawny wines are wines of tranquillity. After being harvested and vinified, the wine rests in wooden barrels for around six years. During this time, the wine is enriched with warm tones, notes of sweet spices and dried fruit. Once bottled, Tawny can age for many years, once the oxidation is complete. A wine for today and tomorrow.

Port Wines - Late Bottled Vintage

A Port to get to know and taste straight away. Produced annually with blends from just one harvest, it is aged in large casks for between 4 and 6 years before bottling.

Port Wines - Vintage

There are years that mark the chronology. Vintage is the year of an exceptional harvest that produces special wines with a high ageing potential. Formulated with must from just one year, Vintage is the only Port that ages in the bottle and whose evolution of the aromatic and taste profile will be known decades later. The charm of Vintage Port lies in the fact that it is attractive at practically every stage of its life. Roger Voss, an expert and writer for Wine Enthusiast, one of the most respected publications on the world wine scene, gave Maynard's Vintage 2016 99 points. In addition to the exceptional score, he described it as "a rich wine, beautifully balanced, with expressive tannins and dense, delicious red fruit. It reveals the typical structure of a Vintage, but also elements of enormous freshness. Reminiscent of jam, but not in a cloying way, this is a wine to keep for a long time. To be tasted in 2029". "A beautifully balanced, rich wine, this has great tannins, a dense, firm texture and luscious blackberry fruits. It shows the structure of the vintage while also bringing a fresher element. Jammy but never cloying, this is an impressive wine for the long term. Drink from 2029." - Roger Voss - Wine Enthusiast

Port Wines - Colheita

The portuguese word ‘Colheita’ means harvest and Colheita Port is a tawny Port from a single harvest. Rather than being blended to a house style, Colheita provides a taste of a particular year and should represent its characteristics and maturation process. Colheita ports are normally aged for long periods of time, 8 years being the minimum allowed.

Port Wines - Organic

Made from organically grown grapes, without the use of chemical products, in revitalised soils enriched with organic matter.




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